Don’t take things so seriously, including yourself!

Life can be a bit heavy going but I think humour is so important in survival.  When we find ourselves in ridiculous and stressful situations it does us the power of good to laugh in the face of whatever it is that is in our path making us unhappy, upset, confused, frustrated etc.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Don’t take yourself too seriously either.  I have a habit of doing that and you know what, when I do I don’t get anything done – and if I do attempt something I end up making myself feel like crap because I’m so overly critical.

There is always that danger of taking things too seriously when we start something new – new diet, new fitness regime, new routine, new hobby and I think that is part of the reason it is easier to give up – if we don’t do it to the standard we expect from ourselves or it hasn’t had the assumed desired effect immediately it makes us feel crap, we think ‘what’s the point’ and stop – and that’s where we go wrong.

If we didn’t take life or ourselves too seriously, took a more light-hearted, fun approach, we might actually enjoy doing things or even like being in our own skin.   To accept that not everything is perfect can take a huge self imposed weight off our shoulders.

Let me leave you with this quote from Marilyn Monroe that was on a fellow blogger’s page:


Night All.


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