Have you had that moment when something you’ve said has been taken the wrong way?

Or there’s the situation where someone passes judgement on what you’re doing instead of asking you the background to it?

I used to think it was worth clarifying and justifying myself but as I’ve become older experience has shown me that it’s not worth my energy. People like to be right and some like to have their say – just let them get on with it. If you’re happy with the choices you make, the things you do and the things you say then why let anything else affect you? Of course if something that has been said has been misunderstood and caused offence then clarify it but pick and choose when that’s appropriate – some people don’t care to hear it because they’d rather thrive on the drama whereas others appreciate it.

Anyway how does this all tie in to healthbecomesme?

My lifestyle, thoughts, words, everything is changing from what has been the norm and it has met interesting reactions. Normally, adverse reactions or ridicule would send doubts through my mind but the reasons why I am on this journey are so strong that I no longer care what others think. Seeing people I love go through serious health issues – and losing some of them because of it – is enough to shake me up and wake up to what is truly important.

Take care of yourself and prioritise that.

We only get One chance at life – live it – with no regrets.


Published by

Jess Towers


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