Everything happens for a reason

So they say.  You can’t always immediately see what that reason is when you’re in the midst of things but it’s a good thought to have in the back of your mind whilst you’re in the middle of everything that’s going on.

Everything turns out okay eventually, you just have to remember and trust in that.

In looking back over the things I’ve gone through, I remember wondering if there would be an end to certain things but in looking back I can see the lessons I’ve learned and – let’s face it – I wouldn’t be where I am and who I am now if those things hadn’t have happened.  Sometimes things have a direct impact on your life outside of yourself and sometimes within.  If I’ve ever had the opportunity to influence it for the better I’ve tried my best but sometimes situations are beyond my control.  In those situations I had to patiently sit back (so hard to do!!) and see what unfolded and then make the best decisions from that.

I’m reminding myself of those times today.  A situation is currently out of my control.  Whatever happens I have to see the opportunities (not set backs) that arise from it and then be ready to act positively on it when I am able to.

All the while trusting that everything will be okay eventually, as it always has been.

All the while remembering that ‘everything happens for a reason’.


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Jess Towers


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