Testing Tuesday

Ever have one of those days where things start out positive and then midday hits and it takes a turn?

Mine did.

Self doubt crept in and sat in my mind as an unwanted guest. I tried to fight it but that little inner critic just became louder.  All the negative reasons why things wouldn’t work or turn out the way I would want burst through. So I decided to write it out – get it out of my head – and what did it come down to?  Fear. Fear of looking like an idiot, fear of not being good enough.

I decided that I had to address this rather than run from it or bury it.

I reminded myself of what I have achieved in the past – even when faced with such fears and that pushing past it and doing it anyway had actually benefitted me.

I looked at what I could do to make me feel more self assured.

Finally I turned to my friends, sharing my fears and doubts and possibly looking like an idiot in the process.  They were encouraging and supportive as always.  Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else.

And so I head to bed with a more positive mind.

Tomorrow is another day.


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Jess Towers


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