2 ways to help a sprained ankle heal



I am still in pain from my sprained ankle and it’s frustrating because I’m a dancer so this has put a hold on everything.

I wanted to know what I could do to speed up the process.

I’ve found this video on YouTube: here which gives some gentle exercises to do for the sprained ankle – actually hurts but will do these every day to encourage it to heal and stay strong!

Yesterday I looked at anti inflammatory foods to incorporate into my diet to reduce pain but I didn’t cover what foods to avoid.  With a sprained ankle I don’t want to be encouraging any more inflammation than necessary so that means avoiding or reducing the following in my diet:

  • Sugars! So soft drinks or sweets (bye bye to craving chocolate 😦 shame I don’t like the dark chocolate as that’s the good stuff)
  • Common cooking oil like vegetable or sunflower oil – this is fine I switched to olive oil ages ago
  • Trans fats like deep fried food or fast food – my stomach can’t tolerate greasy food these days anyway so I cut this out (bar the odd hangover day)
  • Dairy products like butter, cheese – butter that doesn’t bother me but cheese – it’s one of my favourite foods 😦
  • Non-organic/non-free range meat – unless it says it is organic or free range it’s probably not!  Organic meat isn’t actually that much more expensive so I have switched to this.
  • Red meat/processed meat like sausages, salami – I do like my red meat but I don’t eat a huge amount and I am a bit of a sucker for processed meats but don’t eat too much of that either so this shouldn’t be a problem for a while.
  • Alcohol – you know the stuff – beer, wine – well it’s not like I have it every day!
  • Refined grains like white rice, white flour – I seem to have an intolerance to white bread and pasta so I’ve actually switched this over already.
  • Artificial food additives – in packaged foods.  I’ve been eating fresh lately so that’s fine.

I found the above list on theconsciouslife.com website: here where it provides far more details.

Judging by the above it looks as though I will have to curb my cheese and sweets cravings and fill my face with more anti inflammatory foods for the time being – you can find a list of those on my previous blog.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!




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