You ARE good enough!

Okay, so about a week and a half back I talked about how I was ‘facing my fear’ and going on a course where I didn’t know what to expect, with people I didn’t know and my fear was – I wasn’t good enough and I didn’t belong there.

The fear overwhelmed me to the point where I could have cancelled but I had been looking forward to it for so long and, thankfully, I felt it was worth pushing myself for.

When I got there, of course, all my preconceptions fell away – there were people there of all backgrounds and levels of ‘profession’ – and you know what?  Each and every one of us deserved to be there, for our own personal reason, we were all good enough and we all belonged there.

Today I came across an article on which has made a lot of sense to me.  This fear and this feeling that I’m not good enough is certainly a block in my life and something that needs working on – this article pulls out some questions that you can ask yourself and gives ideas on how to get past this: here.

It’s all very well me incorporating new habits in to my life, trying to achieve new goals but it’s all pointless if I have a ball and chain thought stuck in my head that I’m not good enough for any of it!

That needs to be obliterated.


If you relate to this and think you’re not good enough, you need to change that – because you are good enough.

It’s the Chinese New Year today – what better time to kick out an old thought pattern and start a new one!




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