Healthy mind – Healthy body

Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘diet’ and ‘fitness’ side of health but something that is often overlooked is the state of mind, it seems though that more recently it is hitting the spotlight more frequently.

From my point of view state of mind is the starting point for everything else going on.  A lot of things can affect our state of mind, outside influences as well as ourselves.

I am always keen to find new ways to influence my state of mind – I obviously realise it’s unrealistic to expect to be in a happy euphoric state all the time but I sure as hell would prefer to lean more on that side of the scale than be miserable and depressed – why should one more realistic than the other?

I think the key is, as much as it sometimes doesn’t feel like it, you’re in control of your mind.

Remember you’re in control.

Remember to give yourself permission to say no to things that you know are just no good for you.

Remember you deserve to be happy.

Believe it.

Live it.


Published by

Jess Towers


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