Cool as a cucumber

Don’t underestimate your new friend in the fridge – the cucumber!  It has numerous health benefits – as well as being something you can slice up and use to relieve tired puffy eyes!  Here are a few more reasons why your cucumber is cool – and not just because you’re keeping it in the fridge:

  • Cucumbers have been found to contain lignans there is continued research into the various health benefits some including how they may assist in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and help to fight cancer
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Contains vitamins B, C and K
  • Contains minerals magnesium, potassium and silicon
  • The fibre in the cucumber aids digestion
  • It’s a hydrating fruit
  • Less than 100 calories
  • Aids weight loss and helps to reduce cholesterol
  • And even aids gum disease as the cucumber juice helps to absorb the acid in your mouth.

If you fancy a change I found some refreshing cucumber drink suggestions on here



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SOS! Sunday Organic Shop

Evening All.  Today I did one of my favourite things….food shopping… . joking, I hate it.  I was going to attempt  shopping in ASDA to find some cheaper organic food but on seeing the humongous queues I turned around and walked back out – sod that!

So erring on the side of laziness, instead of shopping around I did a full shop at Whole Foods, something I’m not certain I’ll be repeating judging by the bill, I definitely think I need to do a bit more investigating in sourcing where to buy organic.

The general idea is reduce my exposure to foods that have been injected with hormones, covered in pesticides or genetically modified.  Of course I realise I’m not going to eradicate this from my life completely, especially if I don’t want to become one of those annoying picky people when eating out, and there will also, I’m sure, be some occasions when I want to buy a particular thing and perhaps I can’t find the organic version.  I did find this interesting article that listed out 4 foods that are probably best avoided if you can’t find the organic version, I’m sure there are more than 4 but it’s a starting point:

Anyway, in the interests of a short comparison here are a few organic items from Whole Foods compared with ASDA:

  • broccoli:  ASDA 98p ; Whole Foods:  £1.78 (although was much bigger than the ASDA broccoli)
  • tomatoes: ASDA £1.74 (only had pack of 4 and no organic cherry tomatoes)  ; Whole Foods: £2.29 (on vine cherry tomatoes)
  • cucumber: ASDA 97p ; Whole Foods: £1.99
  • Yeo yoghurt:  both the same at £1.50
  • Diced beef: both the same at £4.99

I will keep on the search to see what other comparisons I can find… when the mood strikes – I may have better success that way!

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