2 ways to help a sprained ankle heal



I am still in pain from my sprained ankle and it’s frustrating because I’m a dancer so this has put a hold on everything.

I wanted to know what I could do to speed up the process.

I’ve found this video on YouTube: here which gives some gentle exercises to do for the sprained ankle – actually hurts but will do these every day to encourage it to heal and stay strong!

Yesterday I looked at anti inflammatory foods to incorporate into my diet to reduce pain but I didn’t cover what foods to avoid.  With a sprained ankle I don’t want to be encouraging any more inflammation than necessary so that means avoiding or reducing the following in my diet:

  • Sugars! So soft drinks or sweets (bye bye to craving chocolate 😦 shame I don’t like the dark chocolate as that’s the good stuff)
  • Common cooking oil like vegetable or sunflower oil – this is fine I switched to olive oil ages ago
  • Trans fats like deep fried food or fast food – my stomach can’t tolerate greasy food these days anyway so I cut this out (bar the odd hangover day)
  • Dairy products like butter, cheese – butter that doesn’t bother me but cheese – it’s one of my favourite foods 😦
  • Non-organic/non-free range meat – unless it says it is organic or free range it’s probably not!  Organic meat isn’t actually that much more expensive so I have switched to this.
  • Red meat/processed meat like sausages, salami – I do like my red meat but I don’t eat a huge amount and I am a bit of a sucker for processed meats but don’t eat too much of that either so this shouldn’t be a problem for a while.
  • Alcohol – you know the stuff – beer, wine – well it’s not like I have it every day!
  • Refined grains like white rice, white flour – I seem to have an intolerance to white bread and pasta so I’ve actually switched this over already.
  • Artificial food additives – in packaged foods.  I’ve been eating fresh lately so that’s fine.

I found the above list on theconsciouslife.com website: here where it provides far more details.

Judging by the above it looks as though I will have to curb my cheese and sweets cravings and fill my face with more anti inflammatory foods for the time being – you can find a list of those on my previous blog.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery!




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Use the force!

I had one of those ‘Duh, of course’ moments today.

I watched a Ted Talks short video today on ‘how to stop screwing yourself over’.

One of the points to come out of it is that to create changes in our lives, to create the new habits and come off autopilot in our lives we have to force ourselves to start with.  We simply won’t feel like doing what we have set out to do every day but then who feels like coming out of our comfort zone when it is so, well, comfortable?

I mentioned in an earlier blog about how I’m looking to find ways to be a ‘morning’ person as it’s something I struggle with.  I want to attempt to see if I can change this, I had in my mind that I would find fancy schmancy ways which I would find inspiring and have me leaping out of bed with a huge grin on my face…

Mel Robbins, in the Ted Talks video, puts it a little more bluntly.  Put the alarm on 30 mins earlier than intended and when it goes off whip the covers off and stand up.  This sounds like utter hell for me.  However, Robbins has a point – while we grew up we had our parents tell us (or nag us) to do the things we didn’t feel like doing but should do.  Now, we have to do that for ourselves – we can choose not to – however, by not doing some of these key things and just allowing ourselves to continue on autopilot or ‘snoozing’ we’re missing out on so much.

Robbins also mentioned a 5 second rule – that if no action is taken within 5 seconds of having a thought of doing something out of the norm or your comfort zone that the brain puts a halt to it and the moment has passed.  How much are we missing out on?  And who wants to miss out?!

I feel like I have already been using ‘the force’ by doing my daily blog, ensuring I am eating and drinking healthily every day and doing exercise – and now I need to spread it further into my life.

May the force be with you!