You are what you eat – eat what you are

So the saying often goes that you are what you eat but have you ever thought of flipping it?

To eat what you are – to eat foods that resemble parts of our body actually can be beneficial for those parts it resembles! For example, walnuts resemble the brain and research has shown they can be beneficial to brain health, kidney beans – bit of an obvious one – look like kidneys and can help heal and maintain them, grapes resemble the lungs and can reduce the risk of lung cancer and emphysema.

My brother recently introduced me to Erin via Facebook and I love her site – she also has an article on this listing more foods, you can check it out here: 10 foods that look like body parts.




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Healthy mind – Healthy body

Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘diet’ and ‘fitness’ side of health but something that is often overlooked is the state of mind, it seems though that more recently it is hitting the spotlight more frequently.

From my point of view state of mind is the starting point for everything else going on.  A lot of things can affect our state of mind, outside influences as well as ourselves.

I am always keen to find new ways to influence my state of mind – I obviously realise it’s unrealistic to expect to be in a happy euphoric state all the time but I sure as hell would prefer to lean more on that side of the scale than be miserable and depressed – why should one more realistic than the other?

I think the key is, as much as it sometimes doesn’t feel like it, you’re in control of your mind.

Remember you’re in control.

Remember to give yourself permission to say no to things that you know are just no good for you.

Remember you deserve to be happy.

Believe it.

Live it.

Olive Oil impersonators

This isn’t breaking news but my friend sent me an article from which you can read here: “Is your olive oil lying about its virginity“.

It actually doesn’t surprise me that we’re being duped into buying things that we trust are what the say they are but we’re in fact being lied to.  I guess the truth is we never really know what we are consuming unless we grow or produce for ourselves.




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LADIES ONLY: When it’s that time – how to stop the pain!

Time of the month AGAIN and fed up with the utter pain?

Well having had a little scoot over the internet in an attempt find out more – in very basic general terms it appears as though the ‘fun’ we go through is heavily influenced by prostaglandins and of course estrogens.

I wondered – if you don’t want to be on the pill to control your estrogen levels or take ibuprofen for anti-inflammatory to have an affect on the prostaglandins – are there foods that have an affect instead so we can control this at a natural level for ourselves?

Apparently so.

To balance out your estrogen levels keep your diet healthy and balanced – have your 5-a-day, fruits, veg and nuts and reduce fast food, caffeinated drinks and alcohol. You can find more details: here.

Anti inflammatory foods to include into your diet are:

  • Beetroot (my latest favourite)
  • Fatty fish
  • Whole grains
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Nuts
  • Ginger & turmeric
  • Berries

You can find foods listed: here

It will be interesting to see if incorporating these foods and reducing the intake of those they advise against has any affect.




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Rewind, Review, Relax

Sometimes it’s important to review things in your mind before moving forward and taking action, to ensure you’re working on solid foundations and are reassured in your decisions and path you want to take.

It’s also important to take time to relax, reinvigorate and rejuvenate yourself before powering on.

So Remember to Rewind, Review and Relax.



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Use the force!

I had one of those ‘Duh, of course’ moments today.

I watched a Ted Talks short video today on ‘how to stop screwing yourself over’.

One of the points to come out of it is that to create changes in our lives, to create the new habits and come off autopilot in our lives we have to force ourselves to start with.  We simply won’t feel like doing what we have set out to do every day but then who feels like coming out of our comfort zone when it is so, well, comfortable?

I mentioned in an earlier blog about how I’m looking to find ways to be a ‘morning’ person as it’s something I struggle with.  I want to attempt to see if I can change this, I had in my mind that I would find fancy schmancy ways which I would find inspiring and have me leaping out of bed with a huge grin on my face…

Mel Robbins, in the Ted Talks video, puts it a little more bluntly.  Put the alarm on 30 mins earlier than intended and when it goes off whip the covers off and stand up.  This sounds like utter hell for me.  However, Robbins has a point – while we grew up we had our parents tell us (or nag us) to do the things we didn’t feel like doing but should do.  Now, we have to do that for ourselves – we can choose not to – however, by not doing some of these key things and just allowing ourselves to continue on autopilot or ‘snoozing’ we’re missing out on so much.

Robbins also mentioned a 5 second rule – that if no action is taken within 5 seconds of having a thought of doing something out of the norm or your comfort zone that the brain puts a halt to it and the moment has passed.  How much are we missing out on?  And who wants to miss out?!

I feel like I have already been using ‘the force’ by doing my daily blog, ensuring I am eating and drinking healthily every day and doing exercise – and now I need to spread it further into my life.

May the force be with you!